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    Max 2 Adults and 2 children per room
    Maximum 2 Adults per room
    Maximum 2 children per room. Guest/child above the age of 12 years and till the age of 18 years will be considered as an extra occupant at an extra charge


ITC Hotels' initiative for a Green World


ITC Hotels is actively committed to the environment. As responsible corporate citizens, we recognise our commitment towards maintaining a greener and healthier environment. WelcomEnviron is our vision for a green world. It's a multi-faceted programme started in order to propagate environmental causes in the cities where ITC Hotels are located. The guiding principle is 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. Each hotel has its own programme, encompassing local participation, creating awareness among employees and internal conservation through energy-saving gadgets and environment-friendly material. Our guests are also encouraged to be a part of our campaign, 'Give back as much as you take from the environment'.


  • ITC Green Centre

    The ITC Green Centre in Gurgaon is the physical expression of this commitment to sustainability - Ecological, Social and Economic. The building was awarded Platinum rating by the US Green Building Council – LEED.

    ITC Green Centre


  • Greening Of The Supplying Chain

    ITC Hotels made a humble start in the'Greening' of the supply chain (GSC) recently, with the clear intent of attempting to work towards'creating a sea of excellence' as opposed to an'island of excellence' in the economic domain through industry initiative, by inducing our suppliers to adopt cleaner & greener production (C & GP) practices.

    This is a useful tool for all SME's (Small & Medium Enterprise) related to industry. The same has been translated 8 Indian languages in order to break the language barrier and faster dissemination of simple knowledge. "The chain which strives to flag ecological solutions"

    Greening Of The Supply Chain(English)

    Greening Of The Supply Chain (Hindi)

    Greening of the supply chain Specific Inputs

    ITC Hotels pursues a policy of beyond compliance in its journey in SD - Sustainable Development. In this process it has aligned itself with its supply chain to help all. The first steps have to be taken by all the concerned vendors in putting all their data in the illustrative format for self scrutiny and self motivated actions.

    Once this exercise is initiated it will help all the supply chain partners to start taking simple steps to rectify the systems and procedures and work towards cleaner production practices.

    With rapid globalization it is in the interest of all SME's - Small & Medium Enterprise to raise their own sustainable development bar by using the following formats:

    Tips for Thermal Energy Conservation

    Energy Management Questionnaire

    Detailed Suppliers Questionnaire

  • Eco Educational Games

    Welcomenviron is our vision for a green world. A multifaceted programme established by ITC Hotels, to practice the principles of conservation - to create a safe, harmonious and ecologically balanced environment for our guests and employees.

    In line with our above philosophy, we have developed a stimulating games on contentious issues which needs everyone's participation to optimize the use for our ever increasing population.

    Many children are not aware that only 1% of fresh water is available for human use which is disproportionately distributed globally. By chasing our water tables down since 1950, our water table has gone down from a depth of 30' to 350' on average across the country leading to increasing use of energy for our routine needs which is not sustainable.

    It is to sensitize all our stakeholders in a playful fashion that Welcomenviron has devised this family engaging game to internalize the simple methods of conservation of water and energy.

    "Happy playing" with your family, with an existing dice and coloured coins available in every home with a ludo set.

    WelcomEnviron Game

    Interactive Eco-trail Game

    Food Warrior at Home - Board 1

    Food Warrior at Restaurant - Board 2

  • Eco Educational Toolkit

    Environment repairs and maintenance is a big job which needs to be conducted on a large scale. Many of the steps are very simple to implement, it is such a collection of these ideas that ITC Hotels intends to share with all stakeholders. Use of these tools will help to mitigate the challenges on water energy, and poverty related issues.

    Green Home

    Turn Green Now

    Value of a Tree

    Bathroom Water Efficiency

    Drip Irrigation Kit

    Global Water Availability

    Kitchen Water Harvesting

    Waste Management

    Leaf Composting

    Water Training Module

    Use of Daylight

    Waterless Urinal

    Driving Etiquette

    Unintentional Wastage of Water


  • Introduction to Nature Holidays

    How easily we forget that only a few years ago wilderness had a completely different meaning.

    There were few people in the past and wilderness was something that stood in our way. We fought, cursed and feared it. Not until recently ,with civilization crowding what little wilderness remains ,did we decide wilderness has other extremely deep values.

    Health is the capacity of the land for self renewal. Conservation is our collective effort to understand and preserve this capacity.

    A wilderenes ethic should not be deemed as a big burden .It should come spontaneously, just as concern and responsibility for those whom you love comes as you mature.

    Firstly we must learn about our wilderness and how to travel softly on them.

    The intent of this nature code in the website is help arm travelers to such eco sensitive areas ,to apprise themselves and their family members about the simple do and don'ts while travelling.

    Nature Coding

  • WelcomEnviron Eco-Rating For Schools

    A self help toolkit to make the school resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

    WelcomEnviron Eco-Rating Form For Schools

  • Energy Saving

    Climate change is modern man's creation and a challenge of a size which is difficult for all of us to understand and act upon speedily. It requires actions at international, national and individual levels. The beauty of addressing this global challenge is that when individuals take simple steps in their own eco system, it results in cost savings, besides taking responsibility for our future generations. The methods of saving energy are simple to implement.

    ITC Hotels has been pioneering in eco responsible practices in its own domain and would like to share best practices with all stakeholders.

    Energy Saving

    Energy Efficiently

  • Elegant, Eco Conscious Event Design

    The environmental changes are taking place very rapidly on a global scale, and all stakeholders have to think of new ways of doing old things, whereby through every activity of ours the eco footprint is reduced by changing products, processes and our daily lifestyle, by elimination of waste of different kinds innovatively. With this perspective we request all our stakeholders to actualize the new service design developed by ITC Hotels for conferences and other public events, so that all our future events become eco responsible, which will be another small step in mitigation and adaption approach to the multiple challenges which stare at us everyday.








  • Water

    "We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to" Terri Sweringen. Water is more precious than gold and diamond and yet this fact is realised only when the same is not available. India was a water surplus country some fifty or sixty years back. Today it is bordering on becoming a water stressed country.Just to give a sense of the scale of the problem in 1947 each Indian had 6000 cubic meters of water available per person per annum. Today with increase in population, industrialization and higher aspiration for water use in all forms, the water availability has come down to approximately 1600 cubic meters per person per annum! The solutions are simple conservation and judicious use of water.Moreover there is a need to harvest rain water to create decentralised storage facility. The PDF below gives illustrative form of water harvesting along with table of how much can be harnessed in different regions of the country co-related to the size of the roof top.

    Rain Water Harvesting - Educational Tool Kit

    Water Management

    Water is blue gold and this precious resource needs to be used with great care as eloquently stated by Premier Begin of Israel, when he visited India in 1992, quote "We use water like you use eye drops". ITC Hotels started water management in 1990 and since then has reduced more than 40% water use by innovative design expression and we are constantly raising the water productivity in our chain of hotels. With this back drop some our hotels have already achieved the distinction of becoming 0 water discharge, by swapping our treated water for horticulture needs of the local municipality and immediate neighbours.

    Water Management

  • Environment Renewable energy - educational toolkit

    Current environmental challenges are complex and universal in nature. They call for visionary and ambitious action grounded in sound science and objective analysis. India is a sun drenched country with very high solar radiation many of our energy challenges can be addressed with new and emerging solar technologies for small as well as big enterprise. The enclosed cookit is an example of low cost solution for cooking, which is healthy, as slow cooking does not wipe off the nutrients from the cooked food, as opposed to cooking food at high temperature.The cookit can be made at home at a cost of approximately Rs 50/- or 1$ ! ITC Maurya has installed perhaps the world's 1st largest solar concentrator for steam generation based on the principles of the cookit.


  • Green Banqueting

    Banquets turn business and celebrations into fun, inclusive events, where people come together to interact, work with one another, share ideas and rejoice. Green Banquets allow you to effect positive change in your business and life, without hurting the environment.

    Green Banqueting



  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of ITC Hotels

    "The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities". James Allen

    ITC Hotels in line with it ITCs triple bottom-line philosophy initiated actions on the social front, in a miniscule way, two years back .

    Rising to the challenge ITC hotels is making an effort to accommodate the people with disabilities and draw them to mainstream of life as far as possible.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Individual Social Responsibility

    Sustainable development, implies care for ecology and for vast number of marginalised people who live on a $ a day. Inclusive growth requires contribution of many organisations including industry. Keeping the scale of the challenge in perspective especially the millennium development goals of UN, it is apparent the targets cannot be achieved by 2015 of reducing poverty by half from the existing base. Keeping this perspective in focus large number of the privileged section of the society has a role to play in assisting the marginalised. With this backdrop new tools need to be developed which will help to bridge the gap through the individual efforts of the well off quadrant of society, hence introducing the concept ISR - Individual Social Responsibility!

    ISR – Simple Methodology

  • Universal Design Guide

    A Guide for Creating Accessible Building Infrastructure for Persons with Disability

    Universal Design Guide

    Assistive Technology Tool Kit

  • Creating Employment Opportunities

    I can see, and that is why I can be happy, in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden. I can see a God-made world, not a manmade world.- Helen Keller

    Sharing our experiences with the rest of the corporate world and laying down a step by step guide to demystify the perceived complexities around employing persons with disabilities.

    Disability Handbook for Industry

  • Domestic Help (DH) Value Addition Programme

    Every home has its own individuality and specifics but there are some rules and duties that a Domestic Help (DH) needs to know. These programmes are an attempt to help the Lady of the House train her DH as well as highlight those issues that are pertinent to the DH, while keeping in mind some of the intricate details we normally don't seem to keep track of.

    Domestic Help

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